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The Zero Weapons is a tier 6 weapon that can be forged from 7 random legendary gear pieces at the Zero Altar in World 7 & World 8. Legendary equipment can be obtained by defeating the worlds' final dungeons or their towers. You can also use lower level legendary pieces, but take note the level of the zero armor is rounded down[1]; You'd want to do the nightmare difficulty of those dungeons for a max level piece.

When you go to forge it, you are able to select 2 perks and a random legendary perk; Though the perks are listed based on what your legendary armors have. If one of them have ATK up +5%, you can apply it to your Zero Weapon. Once the process is finished, you have 20 upgrade attempts in contrast to legendary with their max of 10. After the 10th upgrade, the chance is locked at 10%.

How To Craft

  • To make a Zero Weapon, you must own at least seven different legendary weapons of the corresponding class. If you are needing a guide, then click here. Scroll down, and you will see a list of weapons needed to craft it.
    • You are able to use upgraded weapons!
  • Have a million gold. It is recommended to do tower runs, sell old equipment or sell cosmetics from weekly quests.

Note: Spider Staff from world 1 does not count due to being unobtainable, only Wicked Staff counts.



  • A visual bug occurred post world 8 release that is only shown with the Zero Staff. The Spider Staff would appear as a required weapon but it's actually a visual bug. Perhaps a typo was made.
  • ANY legendary under that class can be used to forge a weapon. If you have 7 staffs but you don't own the World 1 staff, you can still make a zero staff.
  1. If you were to use six level 110 legendary gear, and your seventh is a level 105, the level will result in being 109. The formula to this principle is; Add all the legendary levels together (110+110+110+110+110+110+105), then divide it by 7. You'll get 109.28, and since it's rounded to the first integer, you'll receive a level 109 zero equip.