Waystones are used to teleport around the open worlds to get to place faster. Before you can teleport you need to unlock them by finding them around the map. Once you unlock one or more you can teleport to the waystone you have unlocked.

There are 4 waystones per world and they are more efficient then running or using a Mount.


Location Description

Town (World 1) It is located to the west of spawn between the well and blacksmith.
Wooden Checkpoint (World 1) Head north from spawn and go through the level 6 gate, continue heading north until you reach the level 7 gate. Once you reached the gate turn left and the waystone should be there.
Beachside (World 1) Once you have gone through level 7 gate, continue follow the main path until you reach the beach. It should be on the left as soon as you reach the beach.
Gravetower (World 1) To unlock Gravetower, teleport to the Wooden Checkpoint and follow left hand-side path towards the cave entrance. Once you entered walk forward until you reach the cave exit. When you exit the cave the waystone should be to the left of you.
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