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The Mezuvian Tower is the third tower in the game, which is located in World 7 (Mezuvia Skylands). Instead of the classic dungeon style, it is a series of five floors that the player needs to clear to advance to the floor above.

After a floor is cleared, players are given one to three tower chests that contain Cat Eggs, Class Tickets and Pet Foods. Along with 2 Equipment Chests but one of them need gamepass in order to open it.

Wave Defense

Floors 1 through 4 have a wave defense. Players must defeat a large group of mobs (comprising of Gilded Scorpions, Gladiator Goblins and Armored Goblins) in five separate waves. The players must defeat all mobs to advance to the next floor. The message on the screen "ADDITIONAL MONSTERS INCOMING" indicates when the next wave will appear. Floors 2 and 3 contain one Sentry of Cerberus mini-boss, whereas floor 4 contains two Sentries of Cerberus.

Floor 5 contains a boss fight against Zeus, Lord of the Sky. Unlike previous towers, the entire tower must be completed for main quests.

Tower Chests

Tower Chests can be obtained by clearing a floor. One to three tower chests will appear after each wave defense.


Note that after obtaining 300 Tier III Class Tickets, they no longer become available, and Doughnuts will be rewarded instead.

Items Chance
Class Ticket (Tier III) 25%
x5 Strawberry 25%
x5 Sundae 15%
Cat Egg 10%

Bonus Chests Challenge

The equipment chest at the end acts different from first two towers. During the first 4 floors, there's a special timer which can determine the rewards when you complete the whole tower. Each floor completed before timer reaches zero can add one extra chest to the final reward. The maximum chests you can receive at the end is 5, and minimum is 1.


Armored Goblin
Gladiator Goblin
Gilded Scorpion
Flaming Gargoyle
Mini-boss - Sentry of Cerberus


Name Lv. HP Gold Floor
Zeus, Lord of the Sky 100 Dependent on the no. of players. N/A 5


Here is a list of possible rewards that can be obtained through the Equipment Chests.

Armour Tier Level
Mezuvian Armor 3 90-100
Flame Demon Armor 4 90-100
Angel Armor 5 90-100
Cosmetic Tier Level
Angelic Wings 6 N/A
Angel Halo 6 N/A
Angel Hood 6 N/A
Shield Tier Level
Mezuvian Shield 3 90-100
Firestorm Shield 4 90-100
Crestfall 5 90-100
Longswords Tier Level
Mezuvian Longsword 3 90-100
Firestorm Longsword 4 90-100
Gilded Champion 5 90-100
Greatswords Tier Level
Goldwing Greatsword 3 90-100
Battled Greatsword 4 90-100
Legacy 5 90-100
Staffs Tier Level
Mezuvian Staff 3 90-100
Nightfall Staff 4 90-100
Wings Of Dare 5 90-100
Greataxes Tier Level
Sky Axe 3 90-100
Underworld Axe 4 90-100
Shining Banner 5 90-100
Scythes Tier Level
Sky Scythe 3 90-100
Firestorm Scythe 4 90-100
Grim Day 5 90-100
Spear Tier Level
Mezuvian Spear 3 90-100
Firestorm Spear 4 90-100
Proudmaker 5 90-100
Bows Tier Level
Sky Bow 3 90-100
Webbed Bow 4 90-100
Great Bow 5 90-100


  • The Mezuvian Tower previously contained ten floors instead of five. Floors 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 would contain mobs, where the player must defeat all mobs in order to progress.
  • Mezuvian Tower was the first tower to introduce wave defense. Before first two towers revemped during July 2022.
  • Due to the Armored Goblins' beam and Zeus' attacks, it is recommended to bring a pet that can heal or have one player play as a Mage of Light or Paladin.
  • The gate of this tower and the joining ring is smaller compared to other towers. Also, the gate design is the same as Atlantis Tower.