The Swordmaster class is the first class unlocked within the Swordmaster branch. It is unlocked at level 1 and wields a longsword. This class has very fast attack speed when it gains tempo while attacking enemies, but a low damage output. With both of the skills this class has, it's hard to rely on skills mainly with the cooldown. When using this class, patience is required while attacking enemies.


Skills Slash Crescent Strike Leap Slash
Cooldown 0 Seconds 5 Seconds 8 Seconds
Skill Type Basic Damage Damage
Description Basic attack, just swinging your sword towards your enemies like a swordmaster. Fast speed, but weaker damage output. Launch a crescent shape attack at your enemies. Leap towards your enemies while doing a piercing attack. Deals a good amount of damage.

Class Branch

Swordmaster Class Branch:

  • Swordmaster (Current): Level 1
    • Role: Offense
  • Dual Wielder: Level 15
    • Role: Offense
  • Paladin: Level 30
    • Role: Tank
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