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The Spirit Archer class is a Tier III class within the Archer branch. It can be unlocked by obtaining 100 Tier III Class Tickets, though players can also pay 800 Robux to unlock this class. The weapon for this class is a bow with no offhand weapon.


Skills Archer's Arrow Piercing Arrow Spirit Bomb Mortar Strike Paracausal Wings Dodge
Cooldown 0 Seconds 5 Seconds 10 Seconds 12 Seconds Variable (30 Seconds) 5 Seconds
Skill Delay 0.6 Seconds 3 Seconds 1 Second 5 Seconds
Skill Duration Debuff given:

Broken armor: 5 Seconds

4 Seconds 3.5 Seconds
Skill Type Basic Damage Damage Damage Ultimate Support
Description Your primary attack. Damaging enemies will charge your ultimate! Fire an arrow that pierces and splits into more arrows; Lowers mob defense! Throw a spirit bomb that attracts enemies and slows down bosses! Fires an arrow into the air that rains down multiple arrows in an area! Fire paracausal swords at your enemies! Later swords will deal more damage! Dodge an attack while launching a counterattack arrow!
Note Can attack while moving Defense debuff does not work on bosses.

When the arrow hits the first enemy, it will split to attack 3 nearby enemies.

Cannot attract bosses, but slows them down Attacking enemies can charge the spell Counterattack arrow can slow enemies down for 3 seconds
Damage ~55% Attack power 4 Attacks

1, ~300%~ Attack power

2-4, ~100% Attack power

~400% Attack power 8-9 Attacks

1-5, ~50% Attack power

6, ~100% Attack power

7, ~200% Attack power

8-9, ~300% attack power

6 Attacks

1-4, ~300% Attack power

5, ~400% Attack power

6, ~500% Attack power.

later use, 2-3x crit rate

~100% Attack power


  • This is the best of the tier 3 classes in terms of burst damage.
  • It is possible that if you use the ultimate (at least 5 swords) and do the maximum damage possible using the ultimate, you can get 5 or 6 swords after using the ultimate.
  • Spirit Bomb is useless against rough players in PvP Arena or in a duel. As this can't attract or slow them down and only capable of damaging players in range, which is obvious that players can get out of the explosion range very quickly without any risks.
  • The defense shred from Piercing Arrow allows you to do 30% more damage from your attacks. (This has been confirmed, 30% damage sharp).
  • Boss of the Boss is generally better than Mob Boss for Spirit Archers, as Spirit Archers deal minimal DPS to bosses compared to mob hordes.
  • The Spirit Archer is the only class that damaging enemies will charge the ultimate. This does not mean that you have to kill the enemy. However, in 1/22/2022 update, the ultimate now has 30 seconds cooldown. meaning that you need to wait for 30 seconds before using it again, and you cannot fasten the cooldown by attacking, unlike other class.
    • This change makes spamming ultimate among hordes of enemies completely useless.
  • Prior to 7/16/2022 update, this was the only class that can attack while moving.
  • Like the dragoon, this class also uses a backflip as the backstep animation.
  • As of 05/21/2021, Piercing Arrow is no longer capable of debuffing bosses.
  • Spirit Archer was nerfed by 1/2 of its damage before release.
  • In a later update, the Archer received modifications to its main attack and its skill, Mortar Strike.
  • This is currently the only class that can attack while using dodging skills.

A player with 6 fully loaded swords.