Basic Skills

Basic Skills are skills that do not consume Mana . They either make visual changes or deal mediocre damage.

  • Slash Slash Deals mediocre damage.
  • Sheath Sheath Sheaths/unsheathes held weapons.
  • Z Background Sprint Increases movement speed.

Mana Skills

Mana Skills are skills that consume Mana when performed. These skills apply multipliers on the base damage of a sword.

  • Leap Strikes Leap Strikes Lunges at the opponent, striking two devastating hits one after the other.
  • Whirlwind Spin Whirlwind Spin Swings both swords, repeatedly damaging all opponents within a confined area.

Skill Table

             Skill                  Class         Level          Mana                   Damage Multiplier
Slash Dual Wielding Class Level 0 0 Mana x1 (3)
Sheath Dual Wielding Class Level 0 0 Mana -
Leap Strikes Dual Wielding Class Level 1 30 Mana x5, x6
Whirlwind Spin Dual Wielding Class Level 5 50 Mana x4 (4)
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