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Seasons are a Guild mechanic similar to Battlepasses. Players in guilds can earn points for the guild by doing things below:

  • Defeat World Bosses - 1 pt
  • Complete all three daily quests - 5pts (need to receive manually like the crystals)
  • Complete a dungeon - Varies (depending on the dungeon and difficulty)
    • Normal - 1-5pts
    • Hard - 1-5pts
    • Challenge - 2-5pts
    • Master - 3-5pts
    • Nightmare - 6pts
    • Towers - 15pts

Each rank completed can earn a rank to the guild and receive the respective rank rewards.

In the end of each season, if your guild reaches top 5% (top 10 in Season 1, top 25 in Season 2 and 3), everyone in it will receive an exclusive reward.