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The PvP Arena is a place where players can go to battle each other inside a colosseum. It can be accessed through the World Teleport menu, the level requirement being 40. Unlike regular duels, the PvP Arena can have multiple people fighting each other at once. Some NPCs around the map have specific dialogue that may be jokes or references.


  • Before Weekly quest update, if you open the quests interface. the PvP Arena will appear as the world 103.
  • Other players in the arena will have their health bar red, similar to mobs.
  • Some abilities are considered useless since some debuff won't affect players.
  • Leaving the arena by any other means will result in getting killed by system.
  • In Weekly quest, there will be a quest to fight in the arena for 10 minutes. However, there's no need to fight, staying outside of the arena also counts, as long as you're staying in the server.
  • Demon class is extremely overpowered in the battle since they can attack AND heal at the same time.
    • Two NPCs also made a joke about the arena full of Demons.
  • Before Cliffside Marketplace update, you can travel to the Arena via its exclusive portal in town (World 3-World 7). Since then, you can travel by using world teleporter.


Outside view of the colosseum.

A example of a PVP fight.

Inner view of the colosseum


Outside surroundings of the Colosseum.