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Perks are boosts that drop with any Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5 gear. Tier 3 items will drop with 1 random perk, Tier 4 items will drop 2 perks, and Tier 5 items will drop 3 perks, including one Tier 5 perk. Newly obtained Tier 5 items always include Tier 5 Perk, which you can identify in the Perk 3 slot in a golden color (any Tier 5 gear obtained before the 3/19/2021 update will retain all perks and will not gain a Tier 5 perk).

When crafting Zero Equipment, all skills on your chosen equipment are pooled together.

Tier 5 Perks, Bonus Walkspeed 5%+, Bonus Health Regen 5%+, HP UP, and Attack UP are no longer obtainable on Pets.


Tier 5 Perks

Name Effect Perk Ranges For Armor or Weapon
Opening Strike Extra critical chance to all mobs when they're above 75% HP. 10% - 25% Weapon
Boss of the Boss Extra damage to Bosses & Mini Bosses (anything with an HP bar at the top of the screen). 10% - 30% Weapon
Elite Boss Extra damage to Elite Mobs. (anything with a purple HP bar) 10% - 30% Weapon
Mob Boss Extra damage to regular Mobs. (Including the Elite counterparts) 10% - 30% Weapon
Fortress -20% Movement Speed but more Defence. 10% - 35% Armor
Glass Increased max critical attack, but -35% health. 30% - 100% Armor
Master Thief Gain a short increase in movement after defeating an enemy. 10% - 35% Armor

Note as stated previously, one of the Tier 5 perks will always appear on any newly obtained Tier 5 gear.

Normal Perks

Name Effect Perk Ranges For Armor or Weapon
Attack UP Increase attack power. 2% - 8% Weapon
Bonus Gold Extra gold drops from mobs. 5% - 15% Both
Bonus Health Regen Regenerate more health. 1% - 5% Both
Bonus Pet Food Chance Extra chance that mobs drop pet food. 2% - 8% Both
Bonus Ult Charge Ultimate charges faster. 5% - 15% Both
Bonus Walkspeed Movement speed increase. 2% - 5% Both
Burn Chance Chance that an enemy gets the burning status for 3 seconds. 2% - 7% Both
Crit Stack Hitting a mob grants an extra crit chance stacks up to x5 hits where the max crit buff is the percentage you see in the perk stat. 5% - 15% Weapon
Damage Reduction Incoming damage is reduced. 2% - 8% Armor
HP UP Extra HP. 5% - 12% Armor
Life Drain Every time you attack. you will be healed by #% of your damage. 2% - 6% Weapon
Resist Burn Chance to not get the burning status. 30% - 90% Both
Resist Frost Chance to not get the frozen status. 30% - 90% Both
Resist Knockdown Chance to not get the knockdown status. 30% - 90% Both
Resist Poison Chance to not get the poisoned status. (Except Kraken's poison) 30% - 90% Both
Rough Skin Chance that a mob's attack hits themselves. (Both you and the mob take full damage from the mob's attack) 4% - 9% Armor
Shifted Aggro When it's positive mobs are more likely to target you. When it's negative mobs are less likely to target you. -35% - -15% / 15% - 35% Both
Untouchable Chance to not get hit by a mob's attack. 5% - 20% Armor


  • Perks were added to the game on 3/7/2020 to replace runes.
  • As of the 3/19/2021 patch, all newly obtained Tier 5 gear will have one Tier 5 perk.
  • The current listed ranges are the internal listings and are therefore official as of 6/30/2021. If a perk has a % that is not listed within the current ranges, consider them unobtainable.