The Paladin class is the final class unlocked within the Swordmaster branch. It is unlocked at level 30 and wields a longsword with a shield. Currently, this is the only class that can use a shield. The shield grants the player more health and the ability to block with it. The attack damage is greater than the Dual Wielder and Swordmaster, but the attack speed is slower.


Skills Slash Block Guilded Light Light Thrust Ring of Justice
Cooldown 0 Seconds 2 Seconds 15 Seconds 8 Seconds N/A
Skill Type Basic Support Support Damage Ultimate
Description The basic attack for the paladin, slower attack speed but more damage than swordmaster and dual wielder. A block that reflects damage while blocking. 90% Blocking. Cast light from your sword to heal you and your teammates. Shoot a beam of light and get the light sword for 1 swing. This skill gives you the light sword for 15 seconds and allies in your light dome will be healed while attacking enemies.

Class Branch

Swordmaster Class Branch:

  • Swordmaster: Level 1
    • Role : Offense
  • Dual Wielder: Level 15
    • Role : Offense
  • Paladin (Current): Level 30
    • Role : Tank
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