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The Paladin class is the third and final class unlocked within the Swordmaster branch. It can be unlocked with 75 Tier II Class Tickets or 400 Robux. The Paladin wields a Longsword with a Shield. Currently, this is one of the only classes that can use a shield, along with the Warlord. The shield grants the player more overall HP and the Block skill. This class is very balanced, as it is good both defensive and offensive due to its defensive Block and Healing skills, and it's offensive click damage and Light Thrust skill. Paladin's Light Thrust and Ring of Justice skills give you the Light Sword, which is a longsword with slightly boosted damage output.


Name Slash Block Guilded Light Light Thrust Ring of Justice
Cooldown 0 Seconds 2 Seconds 15 Seconds 8 Seconds 200 Seconds
Skill Type Basic Defense Support Damage Ultimate
Skill Delay ~.5 Seconds 0 Seconds ~.6 Seconds 1.2 Seconds ~.5 Seconds
Skill Duration 0 Seconds ~.7 seconds 0 Seconds 1.2 Seconds 15 Seconds
Description The basic attack for the paladin, slower attack speed but more damage than swordmaster and dual wielder. A block that reflects damage while blocking

90% damage. It also reflects AOE attacks, so it's awesome for bosses.

(Not true)

Cast light from your sword to heal you and your teammates. Shoot a beam of light and get the light sword for eight seconds. This skill gives you the light sword for 15 seconds and allies in your light dome will be healed while attacking enemies.
Note Can block most deadly attacks such as Ignis's drop. The beam is similar to Dragon Pet's ability.

Light Sword gives extra 50% damage

Damage 86% Attack Power Damage Reduction: 80%

Damage "Reflect": 66% Attack Power

Heals 22% Hp Instantly 2 Attacks

1, 200% Attack power

2. 300% Attack Power

Conditional Healing for 15 seconds.

Leaves Light Sword Buff.

(150% Attack power for 15 seconds)


Class Branch

Swordmaster Class Branch:


  • The block also deflects AOE attacks, not only primary.
  • When fighting golems, it is best to use Paladin's Block since a golem's stun is quite predictable yet annoying.
  • If you are fighting a boss, it is sometimes recommended to use Paladin's Block because of the block and damage reflection.
  • If you time the Block ability correctly, it can block the Ignis drop.
  • The Paladin Displays Holy/Light Element