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The Mage of Light class is the third class unlocked within the Mage branch. It can be unlocked with 75 Tier II Class Tickets or 400 Robux. The Mage of Light wields a Staff. This class specializes in using Barriers and Healing to support itself and it's allies. Despite being a Support, this class actually has decent DPS due to one of its skills, Infused Light, which can be used to generate a highly damaging red orb at the cost of a portion of your health. To use this class efficiently, you must cycle through your regular orbs and your red orbs while keeping your health up by using your support skills.


Name Light Seeker Healing Circle Infused Light Barrier Grace
Cooldown 0 Seconds 15 Seconds 1 Second 15 Seconds 200 Seconds
Skill Type Damage Support Damage Support Ultimate
Skill Duration Travel Time 8-11 Seconds .8 Seconds .8 Seconds 8 Seconds
Description Shoot orbs that regenerate every couple of seconds. This attack deals heavy damage. Provide a lasting healing circle around you to heal yourself and your allies. Infuse a powerful orb at the cost of some of your health. Grant yourself and your allies a barrier that protects you until the barrier buff ends/breaks. Hover around with invincibility to super heal your allies.
Damage 2 Attacks

1, 80% Damage

2. 120% Damage

Heals: 30% total Hp

Leaves 3 second heal buff

Self Damage: 1/7 total hp

2 Attacks

  1. 160% Damage
  2. 200% damage
This barrier is around 33% of your health. Heals: 100%

Leaves tiny barrier buff


Class Branch

Mage Class Branch:


  • This Class cannot attack without orbs.
  • The Mage of Light is the best for healing and team support.
  • A healing pet can work well with the MoL because of Infused Light.
  • A correctly timed Grace can survive Winterfall and Ignis' drop.
  • The MoL is currently the only support class in World//Zero.
  • The MoL used to have another ability, Cure, however it was removed after being rendered useless and was replaced with a Barrier skill.
  • MoL has the shortest ability cooldown at 1 second (Infused Light).