The Mage of Light class is the final class unlocked within the Mage branch. It can be unlocked with Class Tickets and wields a staff. The Mage of Light is a fairly good class due to its skill, "Infused Light." This ability essentially gives the Mage of Light a higher DPS rate, and if efficient while using abilities, this class could deal the most damage in a party. This class has healing role but also a high DPS rate. MoL's has about a 1604 DPS rate.

Skills Light Seeker Healing Circle Infused Light Barrier Grace
Cooldown 0 Seconds 15 Seconds 1 Second 15 Seconds N/A
Skill Type Damage Support Attack/Damage Support Ultimate
Description Light Seeker is the basic attack that the Mage of Light uses. This attack shoots out orbs that regenerate every couple of seconds. This attack deals heavy damage. Healing Circle is a skill that the Mage of Light has that provides a healing circle around the player that heals the player and teammates. It heals for a total of ~8 seconds using a healing effect which is given to players which are damaged. The circle gives and constantly replenishes the healing effect for ~5 seconds and the effect lasts for 3 seconds after that. Infused Light is a skill that creates red orbs that deal more damage, but as a price, it takes roughly about 1/6 of your health to make these orbs. You can make up to 10 of these at a time if you get rid of the normal yellow ones. Barrier is a skill that makes a purple barrier around players that protects you until the barrier breaks. This barrier is around 33% of your health. The ultimate skill for the mage of light. When you use it you will hover around and grant invincibility, along with instant health and shield to you and your teammates while the ultimate is active.

Class Branch

Mage Class Branch:

Strategies, Tips and Tricks

  • Mage of light is best for healing and team support.
  • It is not recommended to fight with Mage of Light, however if you have 100+Aggro, it works surprisingly well.
  • A healing pet can work well with MoL(Mage of Light) because of Infused Light.
  • If out of shields, a correctly timed Grace can survive Ignis's drop.


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