The Mage class is the first class unlocked within the Mage branch. It is unlocked at level 1 and wields a staff. This mage staff has skills that start with "Arcane;" one could say the "element" or "power" that this mage wields is arcane.

The skills this class has are fairly easy to use, mainly because they are used at ranges and have high DPS. Compared to the other two starter classes, this class is easier to fight alone with mainly because it can attack enemies at range, so there is a lower chance of getting hit compared to a class that is using melee attacks.


Skills Arcane Orbs Arcane Blast Arcane Wave
Cooldown 0 Seconds 5 Seconds 8 Seconds
Skill Type Basic Damage Damage
Description Fire arcane balls towards your enemies at range with somewhat fast speed. Hurl an arcane ball towards your enemies that explodes and deals heavy damage.

Launch a wave towards enemies that erupts arcane energy from the ground.

Class Branch

Mage Class Branch:

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