The Guardian class is the second class unlocked within the Defender branch. It is unlocked at level 15 and wields a greatsword. Currently, the Guardian is the only class that wields a greatsword. The greatsword has a slow attack speed but higher damage output. This class also has skills with high damage output and a supportive skill that resists 50% of incoming damage. With the supportive skill and the two damaging skills, this class has the potential to deal major damage against enemies.


Skills Slash Aggro Draw Rock Spikes Slash Fury Sword Prison
Cooldown 0 Seconds 16 Seconds 6 Seconds 8 Seconds N/A
Skill Type Basic Support Damage Damage Ultimate
Description Basic attack for the guaridan class. Slow attack speed and decent damage. Compared to the Paladin class, the paladin basic attack has faster attack speed and more damage. Gain your enemies focus while you gain 50% damage resistence. Slash the ground to erupt rock spikes to deal moderate damage. Launch multiple slashes that travel through the air to deal fast damage. Trap enemies inside a dome-like prison and rain down swords dealing heavy damage.

Class Branch

Defender Class Branch:

  • Defender: Level 1
    • Role : Offense
  • Guardian (Current): Level 15
    • Role : Offense/Tank
  • Berserker: Level 30
    • Role : Offense
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