The Goblin Knight is a level 15 boss, found in World 2, or Embersky Jungle. It is also the Miniboss of the 2-1 and 2-2 Dungeons, Temple of Ruin and Mama Trauma.


The Goblin Knight is a Special Orc entitled to serve as a knight to guard the gate heading inside the Goblin Castle.



  • The Goblin Knight swings its sword at an angle.
    • This move deals 4 damage.


  • The Goblin Knight sweeps the presented area with its shield.
    • This move deals 4 damage.


  • The Goblin Knight thrusts its sword, the tip encased with a blue flare.
    • This move deals 4 damage.


  • The Goblin Knight hunches over, before slamming his sword into the ground.
    • This move deals 12 damage and stuns the player for 4 seconds.


  • Defeating the Goblin Knight was one of three objectives, required to obtain the Alpha Wings during Alpha.
  • May be inspired from a darksouls 2 boss called the Persuer as he has a similar move set and appearance.
  • This mini-boss is featured in a thumbnail for the game page of World // Zero.
    • The thumbnail in question depicts it chasing a player across the bridge leading to the area it spawns in. However, in the game, the Goblin Knight cannot leave the Goblin Castle.
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