World // Zero Wiki

So, you've created your character and chosen your class. Now what? 

World // Zero is a RPG where you can progress through missions and battle enemies to level up. In order to accomplish this, however, there are a few things that you need to know.  

Basic Controls

These are the basic controls needed to move around and attack enemies in the game.


To move, use the W, A, S, and D keys or the arrow keys. Pressing shift toggles your character's speed between sprinting and walking. There are also various other actions used to fight Enemies, listed at the bottom of your screen with each action's keybind. The keybinds for these actions Q for Sheath; C for Dodge; left click/hold for the basic attack, which is often Slash; E, R, and F for various abilities that depend on class; X for the Ultimate ability; 1 for the pet skill; and Z to toggle between riding your Mount and not riding your mount of you have one. You can also press y to sit


On the left side of your screen is the D-pad, which controls your character's direction of movement. By default, your character always sprints. On the right side of your screen is the jump button, surrounded by the skills your class can use and your pet's skill.


Wz gameplay.1.png

On both PC and Mobile there is a button to open up the menu, which can be accessed by either clicking the three dots in the bottom right corner or pressing "Tab" on PC, or pressing the three dots in the top right corner on Mobile. The Menu allows you to view and interact with your inventory, a list of players in the server, information on all classes, the cash shop, the dungeons in the world you are in, available quests, and settings.


Dungeons are little maps that you can complete in each world to gain weapons and armor. In each dungeon, there are multiple sections that you have to complete before moving on to the next area. These include killing all the mobs, collecting cabbages/crystals, or saving NPCs. These dungeons are required to progress as every one is part of the main quests for a world. Each world has at least 3 dungeons, except for World 5 and World 6 and world 7, all of which have towers and one dungeon.


Perks are boosts that are given with any tier 3, tier 4, and tier 5 gear (Blue, Purple and Orange gear). The higher the rarity the more perks you get (e.g. tier 5 gear gets 3 perks).

For more information about the perks, visit this page.

Shops + Upgrade Stations

In the area where players spawn, there are many shops and upgrade stations. Here, players may purchase eggs and special items that cost crystals, and also upgrade armor and weapons.


In the menu where you can invite people to your party or trade with them, there is another option called "Duel". This duel feature is the first bit of PvP that was added to World // Zero. When you duel the player, you will have a circular battlefield that isn't too big so you need to be careful about your movement options.