The Elementalist class is the second class unlocked within the Mage branch. It can be unlocked with Class Tickets and wields a staff. The Elementalist deals a fair amount of damage because of its skill power, but when waiting for the cooldown to finish, the class's damage output isn't as high. The most efficient way to use this class is to gather all of enemies in the area close together and use all of the class's skills at once to defeat them. The elementalist is better in almost every way than duel weilder, having a more powerful ultimate, slightly more range, more aoe, and a dps rate of 1947 (using lvl 60 unupgraded weapons) compared to dual weilder's 1771


Skills Ice Needle Icicle Field Fireball Lightning Strike Storm
Cooldown 0 Seconds 6 Seconds 10 Seconds 15 Seconds N/A
Skill Type Basic Damage Damage Damage Ultimate
Description Basic attack for the Elementalist, shoot ice needles at your enemies from range. Plant your staff into the ground to erupt ice spikes that deal damage and inflict frost. Hurl a fireball at your foes that does heavy damage, and inflicts burn. Put a lightning spell on the ground to make a lightning field that deals moderate damage. The ultimate skill for the Elementalist. Makes a frost field, rains down several meteors, then lastly drop a huge meteor to deal insane damage.

Class Branch

Mage Class Branch:


  • Due to this class having long-ranged attacks, it tends to be easier to kill bosses or mobs that do high damage like the Lava Golem or the Frost Golem.
  • The Elementalist was initially known as the Frostfire Mage. However, if an Elementalist is in the game, their class will display as "IcefireMage" in the player list.
  • This class was so good in beta that it had to get nerfed.
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