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Dungeons are missions in which players can obtain Gold, XP and Items. In accordance to each World, they scale in complexity and difficulty.

The dungeon's difficulty will increase depending on the number of players in the game; mobs will have more health, there may be more mobs, or elite mobs will become more common. Furthermore, dungeons can have up to five difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Challenge, MASTER and NIGHTMARE. On higher difficulties, the level of the mobs will increase, elite mobs will be more common, players will have fewer lives, and a time limit may be introduced since Master difficulty. All dungeons require its completion on normal difficulty for main quests.

Completing a dungeon will award equipment. Players can choose one of two chests, which will grant the player a weapon or armor. Players can also choose both by purchasing the gamepass.

Dungeons from Scarecrow Defense (dungeon 1-2) to Winter Cavern (dungeon 3-2) will grant the player three lives, but players will have two lives starting from Winter Dungeon (dungeon 3-4) and one life starting in Pyramid Dungeon (dungeon 4-3). If the player loses all lives, they can no longer respawn. If all players lose all their lives, the game is lost and no items will be rewarded.

The Dungeons can be accessed through the Dungeon menu, or special access points around the open Worlds. The following is a list of dungeons in the game:

Towers are a series of boss fights or wave defenses that must be defeated for quests. They are introduced in World 5 (Konoh Gardens).

Each tower contains 5 floors. First four floors consists of wave defenses; players must battle a large group of mobs. The fifth and final floor contains a final boss. There's also special bonus chest challenge at each wave defense floor which can increase the rewards at the end.

The following is a list of all towers currently in the game.

Nightmare dungeons are the new difficulty added in 2021/12/4 update. only player that reached the level cap of the game can join (current level cap is 115). Nightmare difficulty has even stronger mobs that will kill a player within a few hits if not paying attention. Mob's detection range is heavily increased. Also, every nightmare dungeons has a time limit of 22 minutes and 30 seconds.

Nightmare Dungeons only grants Tier 4-5 loots. with 97.5% chances to get a Tier 4 or 2.5% chances to get a Tier 5 loot (Without Prestige).

The main purpose of Nightmare dungeons is to let players to create Zero Weapons & Zero Armor.

Currently, only dungeons listed below has Nightmare difficulty: (some of the dungeons will have lower buff compared to other dungeons)

Here are a list of legendary weapons and armor you can get in the nightmare dungeons:

/ Armor Greataxe Bow Greatsword Longsword Scythe Shield Spear Staff
World 1 Witch Hunter Armor Splinter Greataxe Wicked Bow Brass Greatsword Void Slayer Wretched Scythe Breaker Shield Wicked Spear Wicked Staff
World 2 Cloak of Embers Lion Greataxe Thornmaker Spirebane Spire Slayer Meteorfall Firebane Thornbreaker Cerberus Staff
World 3 Holy Armor Snowstorm Winter's Bite Permafrost Glacier Edge Claw of Winter Winter's Heart Winter's Might Will O' The Wisp
World 4 Phoenix Plate Deathgod Royalty Greatsword of Ruin Titanslayer Sandstorm Phoenix's Heart Sandblaster Staff of Scarabs
World 5 Dragonkin Blossomfield Ignis' Draw Fiery Eye Infernus Teeth Ignition Solar Heart Torchblazer Firecaster
World 6 Night Terror Kraken's Stare Siren's Song Siren's Watch Deeptrench Squidbane Squidface Corrupted Trident Staff of the Deep
World 7 Angel Armor Shinning Banner Great Bow Legacy Gilded Champion Grim Day Crestfall Proudmaker Wings of Dare
World 8 Reliquary Armor Reliquary Greataxe Reliquary Song Reliquary Greatsword Reliquary Sword Reliquary Scythe Reliquary Shield Reliquary Spear Reliquary Staff

Tips for Nightmare Dungeons

  • It's recommended to be a duo or have a full party of people to complete it because every single one of the enemies will be level 100, and about 25~30% of them will be elite, so it will be much more difficult to defeat them.
  • Bringing a Spirit Archer to the party will add great support because of its Spirit Bomb ability, which makes enemies target the bomb rather than players. Because of that, all party members are free to attack the enemies without the risk of being damaged. They are also able to stay a far distance from enemies, making them less of risk to take damage.
  • If you can not find a party to complete it with, do not worry. The game is very generous with this situation. All enemies, including bosses, will have their health be reduced but NOT their damage; take note to this.
  • Having a prestige player with summoner is also great due to his summons inflicting tons of damage on not just regular mobs, but even bosses. You can even solo a majority of the dungeons alone using overpowered classes.

Prestige Dungeon is currently a scrapped project. Possibly dedicated for players who uses prestige. Currently there's no further information.

Event Dungeons are only available during special events. The format are similar to normal dungeons. The major difference is the rewards. Finishing a event dungeon will not gives you normal loots. Instead you will receive event-exclusive items such as eggs, costumes or even Roblox accesories. The following is a list of all Event Dungeons available before:


  • Usually, it takes around 5-10 minutes to complete a dungeon, and 12-20 minutes to complete an tower.
  • Back in old version, first three towers used to have ten floors, where floors 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 would contain a dungeon where players must defeat a set number of mobs to access the next floor, whereas floors 2, 4, 6 and 8 would have a mini-boss. And the Final Bosses health were much higher.
    • This makes some towers (especially Atlantis Tower) might take 30-60 minutes to complete.
  • The Underworld is currently the only non-event dungeon that gives costumes with a small chance.
  • World 2 and World 8 are the only worlds to have two dungeons with Nightmare difficulty available.