The Dual Wielder class is the second class unlocked within the Swordmaster branch. It can be unlocked with Class Tickets and wields two longswords. This class has an extremely high attack speed, but a lower attack damage. Even though it has lower attack damage, the speed makes up for it. The Combat Rythem skill is highly effective if used correctly alongside other skills. If played smart, this class can become very deadly in PvE and PvP. Despite the speed, Dual Wielder still has one of the worst dps rates in the game, at only 1771 with lvl 60 unupgraded weapons


Skills Slash Combat Rhythm Dash Strike Cross Slash Blade Dance
Cooldown 0 Seconds 12 Seconds 6 Seconds 8 Seconds N/A
Skill Type Basic Support Damage Damage Ultimate
Description Similar to the swordmaster slash, but you have two swords and your attack speed stills gets faster while attacking. Increasing your attack speed/tempo and double your critical strike rate Also When You Kill a mob with it it regains its time. Leaping towards your enemy and striking them with both swords. Slashing your blades in a cross formation and shooting a wind slash that pierces through enemies. This ultimate skill is a 28 hit combo that deals decent damage.

Class Branch

Swordmaster Class Branch:


  • The Dual Wielder class was the first class introduced to the World // Zero game.
  • Dual Wielder’s ultimate represents the skill in the anime Sword Art Online Named StarBurst Stream
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