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The Dragoon class is the only class within the Dragoon branch. It can be unlocked by obtaining 100 Tier III Class Tickets. Players can also pay Robux2.png 800 to unlock this class. The weapon for this class is a spear with no offhand weapon. Mostly, this class is built for melee attacks.


Skill Name Dragon's Claw Infinity Strike Dragon Wraith Dragon Slam Dragoon Dance
Cooldown 0 Seconds 6 Seconds 6 Seconds 8 Seconds Variable
Skill Type Basic Damage Damage Damage Ultimate
Skill Duration .3 Seconds Dash: .5 Seconds

Attacks: 1 Second

1 Second 1 Second Charge Time: 200 Seconds

Attack: 2 second

Description Your primary attack. Landing critical hits will mark enemies, marked enemies take more damage from other skills! Launch towards your foes! Land a critical hit to trigger Dragon Chain Unleash devastating blows; continues Dragon Chain when flashing Leap into the air and crash down; completes the Dragon Chain, enables Dragon Mode. Summon a giant spear and destroy your enemies; grants a longer Dragon Mode.
Note As long as you land a critical hit before using or during this skill, Both can trigger the chain. After Infinity Strike, Activate this in 3 seconds while chain is on to continue the chain.

Also calls extra dragon to attack the mobs while impact.

After Dragon Wraith, Activate this in 3 seconds while chain is on to enable Dragon mode.

Dragon mode gives minor speed and damage buff for 6 seconds

Receive Dragon Mode for 12 seconds immediately
Damage 45% Attack Power 8* Attacks

1, 150% Attack power (crit)

2-7, 45% Attack power

5 attacks, 3 dragons

50% Attack Power, 60% Attack Power to marked enemies. Sends out dragons dealing 100% Attack Power, or 120% to marked enemies.

400% Attack Power, 480% Attack Power to marked enemies 480% Attack Power, then bursts into dragons dealing 120% Attack Power each.


  • Average of the Tier 3 classes, in terms of Burst DPS.
  • Dragon Mode gives a 25% damage buff and speed buff for a short period of time. It also gives you small orange wings and an orange tail.
  • The ultimate of the Dragoon works similar to Dragon Slam, but the spear is larger, and grants a longer Dragon Mode.
  • The dodge has a unique back handspring animation.
  • This is the only class that uses a spear as its main weapon.
  • E can be used as a dash.
  • This class wasn't the strongest in basic attack, but after spears and other weapons got buffed, it has a pretty decent basic attack with high DPS.
  • This class is named after a real life horse-mounted infantry unit known as a "Dragoon." Contrary to the game, spears were not their main weapon. Instead, they used a firearm that was known as a "Dragon", which was essentially a blunderbuss in handgun form. It is also what the name "Dragoon" is derived from, the reason why this class wield Spear as their main weapon is likely a reference from the Final Fantasy series.
  • It used to have a level requirement of 70, but it was lifted.
  • The power from this class based on an Oriental Dragon.
  • To enter Dragon Mode, players must use Infinity Strike (with a crit or basic attack crit), followed by Dragon Wrath, then Dragon Slam. Activating the Dragoon's Ultimate (Dragon Dance) also activates Dragon Mode.
  • You can actually continue the Dragoon Chain for Infinity Strike, Dragon Wrath and Dragon Slam without using it on mobs. However, you still need to land a crit on a mob with a skill or basic attack to trigger the chain.
  • Dragoon apparently has higher hp than most classes, about ~10% more hp.