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The Demon class is one of three classes in the Tier III branch. It can be unlocked by obtaining 100 Tier III Class Tickets from towers, world events, or daily quests. This class has no level requirement, allowing players to buy this at Level 1 for Robux2.png 800.

This class wields a Scythe with no offhand weapons, and has a high attack speed. The base attack damage is average.


Skills Monster Slash Demonic Scythe Throw Life Steal Demon Prince
Cooldown 0 Seconds 2 Seconds 5 Seconds 8 Seconds Variable
Skill Type Basic Passive Damage Damage/Support Ultimate
Skill Duration 0.5 Seconds 0 Seconds Single: 3 Seconds

Multi: 1 Second + 0.5 Seconds per enemy

Single: 7 Seconds

Multi: 5 Seconds

Charge Time: 200 Seconds
Description Unleash dark energy slashes upon your foes. Switches your attacks between multi-target and single-target mode. Also charges up your ultimate attack by 4% Toss your scythe and damage enemies. Apply a curse to your enemies poisoning them and stealing their life force and in return applying it to yourself. Become the demon prince and wreak havoc upon anyone in your way.
Note Single target mode only attacks one mob.

Multi target mode can attack more mobs in front but lower damage.

Using this can make ultimate skill cooldown shorter. Does 3 ticks damage to one mob in Single target.

Ricochets multiple mobs nearby in Multi target.

Target single mob in Single target and greater attacks.

Damage all mobs nearby in Multi target but lower damage.

Damage Single: 60% Attack power

Multi: 20% Attack power

N/A Single: 150% Attack power, 3 Attacks

Multi: ~67% Attack power

Single: 14 attacks

1, 300% Attack power

2-14, 20% Attack power

Multi: 10 attacks

1, 137% Attack power

2-10, 5% attack power

Grants kill aura like effect (20 seconds)

Spawns orbs below you

Single: 200% Attack power

Life steal, 5% Attack power

Multi: 100% Attack power

Life steal, 10% Attack power



  • This is currently one out of the three only endgame classes.
  • This is the only class that has an attack where players can steal other players/enemies' HP and merge it with theirs.
  • Using the Demonic skill 25 times can fully charge a player's ultimate. This does not count the automatic ultimate charge by seconds.
  • This was one of 2 classes that had their own Class Tickets (Dragoon, Demon), but they were removed and replaced with Tier III tickets after the addition of the Spirit Archer.
  • This is currently the only class that uses the Scythe weapon.
  • This is the only class where the AOE attack depends on a skill. The cursed effect from the life steal skill can reach to 10 seconds for enemies on single mode (each player can give 8 seconds of cursed effect to enemies)
  • Players with this class levitate instead of walking.
  • The power from this class is based on Reaper or Death.
  • Because of a global anticheat pushed out on November 30, 2021, Demon's Monster Slash, Scythe Throw, and Life Steal can hit multiple enemies in Single-Target Mode.