Classes are the types of characters the player can choose to start the game with. Currently, there are three classes to pick from: Swordmaster, Mage, and Defender. Along with those classes are two sub-classes for each class, which can be unlocked by leveling up.

Starter Classes

When creating your character, there are three starter classes to choose from.


Upon reaching the level required, players can chose any one of the three classes unlocked but cannot change their decision after that.





Skills are the abilities classes use to assist in battles against enemies.

All classes have a Basic skill, which has no cooldown. In addition to the Basic skills, all classes have Damage skills, sometimes at least one Support skill, depending on the class, and an Ultimate skill, which requires some time before it can be used. However, the Starter Classes do not have an Ultimate skill. In addition to the skills unique to each class, all classes have the sheath and dodge skill.


  • During the game's alpha, the only two classes available were Dual Wielder and Frostfire Mage.
  • Elementalist subclass was originally called the Frostfire Mage.
  • Paladin subclass was nerfed because of it dealing more damage than envisioned.
  • AbstractAlex states on his Discord that the next classes (or rather weapon users) being implemented were Scythes, Spears, and Bows.
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