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Character Creation allows the user to customize their avatar to their liking. Users can save up to three avatars.

Users cannot edit their avatar again, unless they own the Advanced Customization gamepass.


There are several steps in this procedure.


To find out more about classes visit this page

Prior to character creation, the user must select a starter class or buy a different class with robux.

Dual Wielder
Wields two longswords to deal rapid strikes.
Dual Wield.png


Customize the color of your avatar's hair and its hairstyle. You can also colour it.

Spiked Messy Hair.png Messy Long Hair.png Double Bun Hair.png Basic Hair.png Long-Straight Hair.png


Customize the color of your avatar's eyes and its shape. With the "Advanced Customization" gamepass, you can make your avatar's left and right eye different color.

Mouth and Eyebrows

Customize the shape of your avatar's mouth and eyebrows. 


Customize your avatar's skin tone, height, and animation set. With the "Advanced Customization" gamepass, you have eight additional choices of skintone.

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