Cerberus is the boss found at the end of the Volcano Dungeon . A drawbridge is lowered, allowing the players to cross a chasm and enter the castle that Cerberus is located at after the mobs have been cleared. When its health bar reaches 75%, a message will read "Chase after Cerberus!". Players are to follow him into a room to finish him off.

When defeated, it gives a choice between two chests, each with a random chance of giving any item reward for this dungeon. You can open the other chest with the "Extra Item Drop" gamepass.



  • Cerberus swipes at the player with a paw/its head. This deals 10 damage. After its health bar reaches 50%, this move deals 14 damage.

Tail Bash

  • Cerberus turns around and hits the player with its club-like tail. This deals 10 damage. After its health bar reaches 50%, this move deals 14 damage.

Leap/Ground Pound

  • Cerberus tilts its head upward, then jumps up and lands. This deals 20 damage and stuns the players for ~3 seconds. After its health is reduced to 50%, this move deals 30 damage.

Roar attack

  • Cerberus tilts its head down then upwards roaring dealing 40 damage to players. This attack seems to not be present after the Cerberus' health falls below 50%.


  • This boss is based on the three-headed dog Cerberus in the Greek Mythology that guards the gate to the underworld.
  • When defeated, this boss only gives you about 8 or 9 coins.
  • The boss cannot use tail bash to attack players behind it - instead, it turns around so that the player previously in front of it now faces its tail.
  • When the raid update first came out, it was possible to kill it using a glitch by luring the Cerberus to one of the two grates in the segments where the lava golems are first encountered when ascending the mountain. This has since been fixed, as a gate now blocks off the path when Cerberus' trapdoor opens.
  • Early in development, the Cerberus was supposed to have an animation in which it jumped down from a deck on the castle behind the battle area. This seems to have since been removed, however.
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