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The Atlantis Tower is a tower located in World 6 (Atlantic Atoll), being the second to be unlocked.

Instead of the classic dungeon style, it is a series of five floors that the player needs to clear to advance to the floor above.

After a floor is cleared, players are given one to three chests that contain Ocean Eggs, Class Tickets and Pet Food. And also two equipment chests but one of them need extra drop gamepass to open it.

Currently, there's no world quests related to the tower. Only side quest - which is complete the whole tower.

Wave Defense

First 4 floors have a wave defense. Players must defeat a large group of mobs in five separate waves. Players must defeat all mobs to advance to the next floor. The message on the screen "ADDITIONAL MONSTERS INCOMING" indicates when the next wave will appear. Floors 2 and 3 contain one Siren mini-boss, whereas floor 4 contains two.


Electric Crab
Volcano Crab
Sea Serpent
Jellyfish Slime
Mini-boss - Siren


Name Lv. HP Gold Floor
The Kraken 95 Dependent on the no. of players. N/A 5

Tower Chests

Tower Chests can be obtained after a floor is cleared. And it will randomly spawn in a quantity of 1-3.


Note that as soon as you reach 300 Tier III Class Tickets, the most common drop becomes Strawberries, and the Tier III Ticket drop is replaced with x5 Donuts. Despite the Tier III tickets being 50%, the chance of obtaining donuts is not 50%. Every player that gets to a normal chest will get the drop, not just the first player that reaches the chest.

Items Chance
Class Ticket (Tier III) 25%
x5 Strawberry 40%
x5 Sundae 25%
Ocean Egg 10%

Bonus Chests Challenge

During the first 4 floors, there is a special timer which can determine the rewards when you complete the whole tower. Players must complete the floor within 2 minutes and 20 seconds so as to receive one extra chest in the final reward. If you fail and the timer reaches zero, a chest icon will be crossed out, which means completing that floor will no longer reward you an extra chest. The maximum number of chests you can receive in the final is 5, and the minimum is 1.


Here are a list of possible rewards that can be obtained after the tower is completed.

Armour Tier Level
Deep Sea Night 3 70~90
Aqua Flame Master 4 70~90
Night Terror 5 70~90
Blademaster Robe 5 70~90
Cosmetic Tier Level
Blademaster Hood 6 N/A
Night Terror Hood 6 N/A
Shield Tier Level
Venomshard Shield 3 70~90
Diamond Shield 4 70~90
Squidface 5 70~90
Longswords Tier Level
Opulent Longsword 3 70~90
Atlantic Longsword 4 70~90
Deeptrench 5 70~90
Greatswords Tier Level
Amethyst Greatsword 3 70~90
Atlantic Greatsword 4 70~90
Siren's Watch 5 70~90
Staffs Tier Level
Cyclone Staff 3 70~90
Waterfly Staff 4 70~90
Staff of the Deep 5 70~90
Greataxes Tier Level
Venomshard Axe 3 70~90
Blossomfield 4 70~90
Kraken's Stare 5 70~90
Scythes Tier Level
Venomshard Scythe 3 70~90
Waterwhisp Scythe 4 70~90
Squidbane 5 70~90
Spear Tier Level
Amethyst Spear 3 70~90
Crestwater Spear 4 70~90
Corrupted Trident 5 70~90
Bows Tier Level
Seascale Bow 3 70~90
Goldharp Bow 4 70~90
Siren's Song 5 70~90


  • This tower has been changed many times.
    • At first, the tower contained fifteen floors and the floors would be similar to a maze, making it more time-consuming as players had to find a key to unlock the exit.
    • After the first revamp, the tower was shortened to ten floors. Floors 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 were "mob" floors, where players had to defeat all mobs to unlock the exit. This was time-consuming as these floors would contain up to seventy mobs. Tower-exclusive chests were randomly spawned in these floors and they're captured by Chest Thieves. Floors 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 contained bosses and completing these floors would give equipment chests.
    • After the second revamp, the tower was further shortened to five floors, now containing only five boss floors.
    • One week after Oasis Tower update, All towers now use wave defense style.
  • This dungeon used to have a lower level requirement than its respective world.
  • This is the only tower without ranged attack mobs, thus ranged class can take huge benefit from it.